Yet Another, “Hello world!”

WordPress installed.. and it was successful!

Gotta love Dreamhost‘s one-click install.. makes installation painless and fast!  🙂


Anyway, the purpose of this wp install was to to test out OpenID.  Long story short, I wanted to use my own domain as my OpenID username (  What better way to get some content on my empty site than to install WordPress?

I initially installed phpMyID on a subdomain ( and basically set up my own OpenID Identity Provider.  I got that working on Dreamhost’s servers, but later decided to use Verisign’s OpenID offerings, as that seemed a safer option.  You can then delegate your own domain name to the Verisign’s OpenID, thus allowing you to use your own domain name as your OpenID username.  An easy way to do this with wordpress sites to is use the WP-Plugin Yadis.


Some links of note:

I might go into more details and write a tutorial later.. Not that many sites use OpenID but more and more are popping up.  I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about!