About this site

Welcome to Byte-sized Ventures: The Micro-SaaS Path, a personal blog by Chih Wang, a Micro-SaaS Software Creator. Launched in 2023, this independent publication provides insights into the world of micro-SaaS — a niche where small, profitable digital products, often led by compact teams, thrive.

Beyond documenting my experiences, this space reflects on the intriguing journey of creating Micro-SaaS solutions. As the founder of dozod and co-founder of Reliable Channel, I've always believed in the transformative power of Micro-SaaS — it offers an incredible balance of passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

As the catalyst behind various successful micro-SaaS projects, my experiences shape the unique perspective shared on this site, revealing the nuances of building profitable software with small teams. This blog showcases the stories, strategies, victories, and challenges inherent to the indie hacking world.

Currently, my primary focus is on PicDefense, a web application designed for image copyright risk assessment. This project, like my others, illustrates the practical and philosophical facets of creating and managing a Micro-SaaS business.

Rest assured, Byte-sized Ventures focuses on the authentic, unfiltered journey of a micro-SaaS creator. No sugarcoating, no hyperbolic success stories, just the genuine narrative about navigating the world of indie hacking.

There's no paywall or subscription package to access the content here. All articles are freely available, reflecting my conviction in the value of shared knowledge.

As you journey through this digital chronicle, I hope the stories shared inspire and equip you for your own micro-SaaS journey. Welcome to Byte-sized Ventures: The Micro-SaaS Path.

But this is more than just a Micro-SaaS blog. It is also a platform for personal musings, a place for me to share thoughts and ideas that span beyond the SaaS landscape.

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